SETUP - step 1

If You want to use platform only in visual manner then just place it along N-S line with wider part oriented to north side as well as possible (eg. use compass) and level north part with spirit level. It's enought to keep celestrial objects in eyepiece during several minutes with magnitude several hundred times.

SETUP - step 2

If You want to setup platform more precise fullfill step 1, put telescope on platform and move the optical tube (OT) to Polar Star (PS) direction. Setup platform in the middle of running way and Find Polar Star in finder center. Next, gently rotate telescope over the azimuth ax and observe the virtual line the Polar Star makes acros finder eyepiece. Try to set finder crosshair (by rotating it) along line the Polar Star did. Now Polar Star should slide on one of the crosshair and You are ready to make step 3.

SETUP - step 3

This step depends on next position of Polar Star in finder eyepiece and can be divided between four simple cases. In every case procedure is the same:
  • move platform to start position (most right position)
  • set the Polar Star in center of the finder eyepiece
  • move, by hands, platform to end position
  • observe where is Polar Star
  • depends on Polar Star position correct platform
  • move platform to start position and repeat procedure
At the begining Polar Star can move outside finder eyepiece, so use shorter move for example from 1/3 to 2/3 running way. Usually Polar Star will be drift in both (horizontal and vertical) directions so try to correct platform for one of the direction (vertical or horizontal - it is never mind) and in next step in another. Ideally, Polar Star should be in the same position (in the center of finder eyepiece) in every platform position. Usually is enought to make 2-5 described corection iteration but is very important to set Polar Star in the center of finder eyepiece in the first step of every iteration.

SETUP - step 4

This step can help to prepare platform to setup if latitude is different than 51 degrees. In such case north and south side of platform will be on different level and the difference has aproximetly value:
  • 50 or 52 degrees - 9 mm
  • 49 or 53 degrees - 18 mm
  • 48 or 54 degrees - 27 mm
  • 47 or 55 degrees - 36 mm
When altitude is grater than 51 degrees than north side of the platform will be higher than south side and similary will be lower in another case.